mardi 12 juillet 2016

New favorite albums 2016

Looking for inspiration for a new blog article, I suddently remembered I was supposed to write a little bit more about music given the name of this blog.

So here are the my 5 favorite new records

#5 Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Getaway

I've never been a fan of the Red Hot and I still find them too mainstream, but I really like this new release. A beautiful album cover, a very nice intro on their first single Dark Necessitie and a collaboration with Elton John for my fav song from this album: Sick Love.

#4 Cassius, Ibifornia

Wowww 10 years after 15 again, the other French touch duo is back with a new album named after the contraction of "Ibiza" and "California" - yes, I read it on the internet and did not find out by myself. I hear The missing (feat. Ryan Tedder & Jaw several times a day on the radio and came 20 minutes ago to the conclusion it reminds me of this :p

Of course I also had fun with the video of The missing, not as much as I expected actually.
Well, the album is very eclectic and it's worth so much time without any record. From the exotic Ibufornia that made you picture the album cover while listening to Action with its almost hip hop beginning, this record has to be enjoyed slowly, just put it on repeat.

#3 The Avett Brothers, True Sadness

Shame on me, but I have to admit I didn't know this famous American folk band at all. Maybe because their music sounds definitely very "American". Good excuse for me: I checked out their official website and they have very few tour dates in Europe: 3 in Ireland, 2 in the UK,  and 1 in Denmark. This is too bad as I spent one Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago watching this bad quality vid that still made me long for seeing them live.

They got me with that one, which I couldn't get off of my mind:

#2 Les Fatals Picards, Fatals Picards Country Club

Ok, ok, they sing in French and their mocking lyrics are as important as the music itself...
Ok, ok, I haven't listened it yet as the release is for October 2016, but I like them since 2009 and their first single mocking Breton patriotism is consistent with what they wrote so far.

#1 Deerhoof, The Magic

I read an article about them in a German music magazine a month ago, listened to The Magic and literaly became a fan. This album is more punk rock than their experimental previous ones, so I guess I have discovered them at the right period. They got everything I love about a band: creativity, energy, a kind of twisted arty spirit and a great powerful female high voice.

If I were to start a band one wait I'm 30. So, if I had started a band when I was young and gutsy, I would have made that kind of music. DO IT YOURSELF!

Love at first chords when I first played this trippy video The Devil and His Anarchic Surrealist Retinue

Then, I had that Criminals of The Dreams: more song for I can't stop...

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