mercredi 8 juin 2016

You are the sunshine of my life...

After over a year filled with silence, I recently felt the sudden need to write an article here about the best party I ever had.

Now I am definitely willing to talk about what makes me smile every day: my two adorable Birman since we are celebrating our one year anniversary. The breed is actually called “Sacred Cat of Burma” and if you have already met one, you must know they are not only “sacred” because of the legend. They have – much more than any cat – this indescribable power to make you feel relaxed and inner piece. Maybe it’s because of their unalterable kindness and way to be tender and cool in every situation or maybe it lies in their deep blue eyes staring at you with love out of their gorgeous fur.

In spite of what generous Mother Nature gave to their breed, my “princesses” – as I like to call them – are the coolest cats you could dream of. 

Pitchoune is the one with the softest fur and the most solid bound to her mistress. She licks her face while purring to thank her for spending more time at home on Sundays afternoon 

or can’t help lying next to her.

Poupette never did that, but she purrs more easily, louder and longer. 

She also runs to the restroom when her mistress has to go there or to the window so she can satisfy her curiosity smelling what the world has to show off, listening to birds, watching little squirrels fighting on a tree or catching flies with her sister.

But don't worry, they also bring their share of fun, especially if you have something to print

or like playing that spot-the-difference game as when you were a child. Come on, remember how your flat looked like this morning when you left and check this out now you're back from work in the evening.

Anyway, I think the world is divided into two categories: cat lovers who perfectly know what I mean when I assume cats do make you feel good…and the others who might call me a “cat lady”, who has to be nuts, single and kind of unattractive. I have never tried to convince them and am not trying here: they just can’t understand. This article is for every cat lovers/owners. I can see you whispering “ohhhh so cute!!!” and "oh mine also does that" looking at the pics. Yes, my cats make you smile ;)

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