mardi 11 février 2014

The Ultimate Playlist of Love

Valentine’s Day is coming and I took the occasion to think of the ultimate playlist for a perfect Friday night. Let’s be pragmatic and pick one good song for each case. No Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and co, don’t worry I don’t write a blog to repeat things you can find anywhere. This is MY playlist.

The nightmare

No comment. I just hope it won’t be the one matching your Valentine’s Day.

The calm after the breakup storm
You are not that sad anymore and reckon all good things come to an end. It’s over, it’s okay, may peace and sweet spleen live in your single mind.

The happy bellicose attitude
Your relationship is not doing well, your partner is a pain in the ass, and you’re feeling he/she’s fucking all up playing…a tricky game…

Who cares? Hollysiz is here to save your Valentine’s Day: go out, drink and dance all night.

The S&M trip as a romantic evening
You are stuck in a 700 year old relationship and making love with your partner has become as exciting as taking the subway to go to work. What about a real change for the Lovers’ Day? The French (again!) band Lilly Wood & the Prick made that great song that could express your need. As they said: spice up your life!

The childish cute love song
You are getting in the mood for the simple pleasures of life. You have been in love for ages, months, days, or even hours and you’re just happy (no no not Pharell that time J). This is not even a proper love song, it’s much better: it goes straight to the point and makes you believe everything is easyyy (like Sunday morning).

Hope time will fly and take us to Friday very soon.

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