jeudi 17 juillet 2014

What sounds nice these days (mainstream)

Thought he was dead...

but he's so damn alive and his new song is awesome. The Chamber makes you dance. Every time it runs on OÜI FM (and it happens really often), I can't help moving my shoulders on it. It's definitely the kind of song you like straight away, but it does not get stuck in your head. Unfortunately, I tend to think best songs are the ones you need to listen to a few times before saying “Well, that one is great.” This is just a matter of time. In a few weeks I won’t be able to stand it anymore.

Never disappointing

Pure Lana del Rey. It’s very nice, you can close your eyes and enjoy it even more. Waaaaahhhh love it. If (like me) you’re a fan of Born to Die, you won’t be disappointed by Ultraviolence.

For French speakers

These guys are not a band officially, but a “collectif” (same thing, but sounds smarter). Like their fellow countrymen Daft Punk, they don’t show their face. But all the rest is nothing but opposite characteristics. They will never be as successful as them since they “sing” (talk??) in French and the text is as important as the music itself. Indeed, they define themselves by their difference, as it’s showed by their symbol.

I remember first time I heard them on the radio. I think it was this one, but I’m not sure.

It has been announced by the moderator as something very special you’ve never heard before and that you’ll love or hate. For me, it was love at first sight. I’m still impressed by their rough – even rude - way of expressing strong feelings. Passionate individuals like me will be touched by their songs. Some are very melancholic and dark and others are positive (Lettre à Zoé). If you’re not very good at French, I would still recommend you to find a translation of their texts. Even if “traduire c’est trahir”, their extremely modern and generational language is worth it.

Another creative young guy from outside the continent

Sure, he has a great name (I just checked, and it seems to be his actual one), but wait…His new album Chroma has been produced by Dan Carey, who also worked for The Kills. Quality label stamped! Godiva still reminds me of The Raveonettes in the early 00’s.

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